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9/23 UPDATE: We are excited to announce that the fund now supports recurring donations! You can set one up here.

10/4 UPDATE: The Mike Shane Fund has reached $25,000! We are so thrilled and moved by the support we have garnered so quickly.

10/10 UPDATE: Our list of fantastic partners keeps growing! A warm 'welcome on board' to our new Advocacy and Outreach partners: Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation and the Target Cancer Foundation!

Who We Are

The Mike Shane Memorial Fund was created as the philanthropic arm of Purview, a company whose mission is to improve medical outcomes by enabling access and sharing of diagnostic information, including for remote second opinions.

About the Fund

We believe every person should have access to a second opinion when facing a life-threatening diagnosis. We established the Mike Shane Memorial Fund to help patients obtain a second opinion remotely when they might not be able to afford it. Remote second opinions are not always covered by insurance, and some patients cannot afford to travel to get a second opinion in person. Through a remote second opinion, an expert physician can review a patient's medical records and images to make a diagnosis without the patient having to travel.

We’re teaming up with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a leading cancer treatment and second opinion provider, and PinnacleCare, a personal healthcare advisory firm, to provide these remote second opinion for the Mike Shane Memorial Fund grant recipients. Qualifying patients may apply for this grant to cover a second opinion on their diagnosis of a life-threatening condition. To start, we’re focusing on patients on Medicaid diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, a disease which has hit close to home for our Purview family. Our goal is to provide financial support to patients who don’t have any other means of acquiring a second opinion for these rare and critical diagnoses.

The fund is named in memory of Mike Shane, a longtime friend and passionate supporter of our mission. Mike acquired a second opinion when facing cholangiocarcinoma, a rare liver cancer that eventually took his life. He was fortunate enough to have the resources to seek additional expertise which extended his time and quality of life. But we know that this isn't the case for everyone. In Mike's memory, we want to help others obtain an expert medical opinion.

We launched the fund on what would have been Mike's 59th birthday: August 13th, 2019.

Why Second Opinions?

A study from Mayo Clinic revealed that 88% of original diagnoses they reviewed were incorrect or incomplete. Now, more than ever, patients are in need of an additional review of their medical diagnosis before embarking on a treatment plan. In many cases, getting this second opinion can identify alternatives to invasive procedures or find difficult to diagnose conditions that can change the course of treatment. As part of our mission to improve medical outcomes, we want to help those facing a critical diagnosis receive an expert opinion that could change their life.

Please join us in honoring Mike's legacy! Your donation will help provide a second opinion for patients in need.


We are working with Givinga, a 501(c)3 designated charitable organization to ensure you get the maximum tax deductibility for your donation. Please consult your own tax advisor for specific tax treatment of this donation.

You can donate with or without creating a Givinga Account (which is free); however, donations made without a Givinga account will be subject to a 5% fee towards the Givinga Foundation, which Purview will cover.

You can donate by check or card, or create an account with Givinga to donate via an ACH or using appreciated stock without any fees. See below for more information on your various options, and if you wish to donate appreciated stock please contact us and we can facilitate that.

9/23 UPDATE: We are also excited to announce that the fund now supports recurring donations! You can set one up here.


Your credit card will be subject to a convenience fee. Donations made without a Givinga account will be subject to a 5% fee towards the Givinga Foundation, which will be covered by Purview.

When trying to submit your donation, make sure to select the donation method ('credit card' or 'givinga account') before clicking 'submit.'


If you would prefer to mail a check, you can send it to be below address. Make the check out the 'Infinity Benefit Foundation' but be sure to indicate that it is for the Mike Shane Foundation.

Infinity Benefit Foundation

396 Washington St.

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If you have a charitable trust or if you won’t be using your credit card or check—Please direct your funds to Infinity Benefit Foundation.

Givinga works directly with the Infinity Benefit Foundation (IBF), which is a 501(c)3 Sponsoring Organization. Through the Givinga platform, a personalized giving account is created in your name within the IBF. These accounts require personal information to maintain IRS requirements and provide you with tax information.

Your giving account is provided through an IRS created vehicle called a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). This account allows you to deposit money into your account and receive the tax write-off at the time of deposit. Directed by you, that money will be sent to the approved 501c3 charity of your choice, in this case the Mike Shane Memorial Fund.


Givinga has offered an option to set up recurring donations, if you are interested in continuously supporting the Mike Shane Fund's efforts! We appreciate your generosity. To set it up, please visit this page.

Purview will direct 100% of the funds it collects to aid individuals in need.

If you need help donating or have any questions please feel free to contact us via email (mikeshanefund@purview.net) or by phone at (800) 501-1537, Extension 3.

Learn more about Mike and the fund on our website.

Mike Shane Memorial Fund
"We believe every person should have access to a second opinion when facing a life threatening diagnosis"